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 If you have any questions

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If you have any questions Empty
PostSubject: If you have any questions   If you have any questions EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 4:47 pm

If you have any questions please stop waiting to hound me on s4 or or till I get on the forum Post it on Issues and Problems section.

Why can't I hound you?
Frankly I don't know everything so hounding me just to find out I have no clue isn't the best thing for you nor me. Also asking other people might give you different ways of looking at the problem rather then from one person.

Why post it in the Issues and Problems Section?Why not general Chat or S4 league?
Well the section is there for issues and problems pertaining to s4 AND the forum its there to be used to the other sections don't get clustered to the point you cant find anything.Also why have the section there for nothing huh?

Thanks for your cooperation. :3

If you have any questions Lairircopy
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If you have any questions JettSig2copy
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If you have any questions
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