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 Nerd_Rage's Recommended PSX game.

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PostSubject: Nerd_Rage's Recommended PSX game.   Fri Jun 26, 2009 12:45 am

Similar to Lairir's post, I've decided to add my own little favorite classic game.

Azure Dreams. A game I loved when I was younger and I still love today.

Okay so basically its like a dungeon runner, i'll copy and paste some information off of wikipedia.
(Feel free to skip to the bottom if you dont really care about reading it)

Azure Dreams is set in a fantasy town called Monsbaiya. Set in the desert, the town prospers only because of the Monster Tower looming over it. In this town lives a skilled and famous monster tamer named Guy. On a stormy day, Guy disapears in the tower, never to be seen again. Ever since he disappeared, Guy's family has struggled to get by, putting all their hopes on Koh, his son, who will be allowed to enter the tower when he reaches the age of 15. When Koh finally reaches adulthood, he meets a vagabond familiar named Kewne, a monster that can speak the human language. Kewne and Koh then embark on a quest to reach the top floor of the Monster Tower and find out the truth about Guy's fate.

Since wikipedia of the game is EXTREMELY long i decided to sum it up. Basically you're a guy named Koh (or whatever name you want him to be, default name is Koh) and you're dad died in the Monster Tower which when you get to age you head towards this tower and you meet a little guy who becomes your first familier. Familiers are the pets you get throughout the dungeon which sometimes the monsters you kill drop an egg of themselves and sometimes you get it out of a chest. The pet system is pretty good on this game, you get two hold two familiers with collars at a time, you can carry more familiers with you to switch out if needed. In your home town you can get money from the Monster Tower to upgrade your town. You can build a race track and bet on the horse bird like things and see who wins and you can upgrade your house with better features such as a nice hot bath indoors whereas in the beginning you bathe in a barrel type trashcan, and you can upgrade your monster hut to hold more and more familiers that you collect. The game has a very good storyline imo, and I never did get around to BEATING the whole thing because its a long game, anyway you can get armor out of chests and upgrade you and you can set your pets AI tactics to change to following you and being defensive to casting spells on your blade to increase damage or other buffs, to make them run off and kill all they can but if they die they return to their bag until you leave the dungeon and go home to rest them. I am not sure hao many floors are in the dungeon but the maps are randomly generated except a couple of important floors that never change but have tiny events on them. The gameplay in the dungeon is similar to chocobo tales, where when you take a step (left right up or down or diagonal) the enemy takes a step, sort of turn based/real time mix, there are plenty of familiers in the game and your pets level up and retain their level every time you go into the dungeon, but the downside is when you go through a dungeon and you want to leave, and you return later, Koh goes back to level 1 and he can level up the more he goes through the floors. Note the characters and monsters are 2D while the environment is 3D meaning full camera view. Uhm I think that about sums it up, real short right? >Very Happy

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azure_Dreams if you are interested in more information, and if you do not have a ps2 or psx and are interested in the games me and lairir posted, then PM me and I can tell you about the WONDERS OF EMULATORS :O most of you know what they are. ZOMG I think I am done with the summary

I give this game a 5/5 because its just epic for its time, it can't stand up to any RPG now a days but I still enjoy playing it on my PSP. *breath*

Nerd out!
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Nerd_Rage's Recommended PSX game.
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